We Provide Professional Beverage Service (PBS) Performance Fact Sheet

At Los Angeles Hospitality Education Center (LAHEC), we offer detailed and comprehensive performance fact sheets for our courses, diplomas, and certifications. The primary goal of it is to ensure our students get a clear idea and understanding of what the certifications offer and the learning outcomes. Professional Beverage Service (PBS) course will allow entrepreneurial minded students to learn how to create an impeccable customer experience, ensuring hygiene and attentiveness. Moreover, This hospitality management course will allow our students to have increased knowledge of a variety of fields, such as tourism, food delicacies, and drink varieties. It will also enhance the interpersonal and communication skills of our students, which will help build a pleasant environment wherever they work. The performance fact sheet for this course is essential to help students understand the learning process, outcomes, and their overall worth as a professional when they enter the industry. So if this sounds like the educational experience you want, you can sign up and join us today!