We Provide Professional Food And Beverage Service (PFBS) Performance Fact Sheet

At Los Angeles Hospitality Education Center (LAHEC), we provide our students with a performance fact sheet for all our diplomas and certifications. The main goal of our fact sheet is to help students develop a clear understanding of the learning outcomes and the industrial applications of their skills and expertise. Moreover, it gives us a chance to shed light on how versatile the career opportunities are after you successfully complete the course. Whether you want to work for a renowned firm as a top-rated professional for food and beverage service or wish to start up your own business, you’ve got what it takes once you complete your education at Los Angeles Hospitality Education Center (LAHEC). This course will focus on enhancing your knowledge regarding food and beverages. You will learn both commercial and non-commercial types of service operations and be able to apply your learning outcomes in the real world as well. A performance fact sheet for this course will give you a clear direction to look forward to and not sugarcoat the realities.