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Earn Certifications In Hospitality Management In Los Angeles, CA

At Los Angeles Hospitality Education Center (LAHEC), we are committed to providing quality education regarding hospitality management. We have over 35 years of instructional experience with a team of professionals onboard. LAHEC provides a fast-paced learning environment with opportunities for hands-on experiences because we believe in the concept of, ‘learning by doing.’ Our excellent hospitality management certification focuses on fostering the development of essential managerial and creative skills that will come in handy for any field or career.
Moreover, we offer various certifications in the culinary and hospitality fields such as the culinary arts certificate program, professional beverage service certificate program, professional food and beverage certificate program, and restaurant culinary management certificate. All of these certifications are designed strategically to build and enhance your time management skills, ability to work in teams, and communication skills. We strive to ensure professionalism, integrity, and safety when teaching our hospitality management certifications. So if this sounds like the educational opportunity you were looking for, feel free to reach out to us! LAHEC awaits you.

Explore The Various Hospitality Management Certifications We Offer

At Los Angeles Hospitality Education Center, we believe that exceptional hospitality experiences should extend beyond game day and show time. From five-star feasts and craft cocktails to local eats and sizzling chef-inspired creations and everything in between, we believe that creative cuisine is just the beginning.
The hospitality management certifications we provide are as follows:

Culinary Arts Certificate Program

This certification will build and hone the presentation skills of students, while also fostering the development of essential culinary expertise. It also provides culinary networking opportunities that may come in handy in the future.

Professional Beverage Service Certificate Program

This certification will allow entrepreneurial minded students to learn how to create an impeccable customer experience, ensuring hygiene and attentiveness.

Professional Food And Beverage Certificate Program

This certification will allow students to learn more about food and beverages, drink varieties and food delicacies, while also enhancing their interpersonal and communication skills to offer excellent customer experiences.

Restaurant Culinary Management Certificate
This diploma focuses largely on unleashing your inner artist’s creativity and becoming adroit at kitchen and restaurant management.

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