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November 14, 2022

LA Hospitality Training Academy Ideas for Every Hotel

If you care about the success of the hotel and catering industries, you should learn all you can about hospitality training right now.

Whether you're a hotel manager looking to further your education with a hospitality training course, or a hotel owner hoping to grow your business in the tourist industry, which relies heavily on client happiness, hospitality training should be ingrained in your company's ethos.

A hotel is a hub of human and economic activity in today's increasingly interconnected world.

Guests' first impressions of a hotel are formed by the 'guest facing' (front of house) employees responsible for their check-in and overall satisfaction. Nowadays, the first question an arriving guest will ask is, “What’s the Wi-Fi password?”

Imagine this individual is a hacker trying to access your network to obtain a list of your customer's personal information.

To give just one instance, this is where skills learned in the LA Hospitality Training Academy Program shine.

Identifying the sweet spot between accommodating guests' requests and leaving your hotel vulnerable to a data breach is essential.

There is a lot to unpack if you're serious about assisting your hotel's professional growth, from maintaining food safety to encouraging middle management to grow their career with you as you explore solutions to the evolving needs of the hotel and hospitality industry.

Top 3 Hospitality Training Ideas For Every LA Hospitality Training Academy

1. Security Awareness Training

Using the same analogy of a hotel receptionist dealing with a suspicious guest, the rising demand for security awareness training is a game-changer in today's information-dependent global world.

This has nothing to do with the bellboy learning their names or the valet taking good care of their vehicles.

Here, we're more concerned with the customer's right to privacy and security in their digital interactions with the hotel, which necessitates a robust information technology infrastructure and a methodical approach to implementing best practices for handling customer data as it flows in of the hotel.

Here, "firewalls" refer to the subject at hand.

The high-end hotels have been a target of crypto viruses, ransomware, and other cyber-criminal operations for years, but now the focus has shifted to the more vulnerable boutique hotels.

A cutting-edge solution for the hotel industry is security awareness through the LA Hospitality Training Academy program, which may reassure customers that their personal information, from their credit card numbers to their home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, is safe with your business.

2. Crucial Hospitality Industry Courses

This is more of a moral obligation than a concept exclusive to the hospitality sector.

Organizations in the hotel industry would do well to keep up-to-date on industry best practices for things like food safety and government regulation compliance.

Especially in the United States, where "safe serving" legislation is being implemented at the state level that applies to alcoholic beverages and food.

The 'dram shop law' in the United States is just one example of the increasing scrutiny placed on bars, taverns, and hotels that profit from selling alcoholic beverages.

In the event of a pandemic, there are universally accepted procedures for dealing with intoxicated guests, requiring identification at the hotel bar and, most recently, confirming that the establishment has been properly decontaminated after a case of chronic wasting disease (CWD).

A few hours are all it takes to finish a training course, and then there is an exam (often a multiple-choice one) that can be taken as often as necessary until all of your hotel staff are certified.

Your employees should go through training not simply to fulfill legal requirements but also to learn the fundamentals of how your hotel functions globally.

A young worker who did not have the opportunity to attend college may view this qualification as a little accomplishment.

There is no denying this importance, and recognizing each team member's achievements is a key component of a successful hotel team.

3. Orientation and Organizational Structure Hospitality Training

Even if this isn't something for which formal training is required, it's important to understand the inner workings of your company and to be able to explain them to new hires.

Increasing profits in the hotel sector require streamlined procedures across the board.

In this role, you'll train employees to become experts on anything from hotel services to menu items.

The next step is to learn how this information translates into providing your paying customers with accurate information about your management and operational processes.

Managers should embrace the chance to articulate the hotel's identity or the specific standards of behavior expected of staff members.

Every so often, the team can gather to take stock of where everyone stands in skill development and be given constructive feedback.

Taking your hospitality business to the next level requires fostering a culture of excellence, where everyone is always looking for ways to get better and isn't hesitant to try something new.


We at the Los Angeles Hospitality Training Center strive to give students a curriculum that is both market-driven and competency-based, taught by professionals with extensive experience in the field.

The course modules and subject areas are organized in a logical progression to help students complete the degree. Learning from one LA Hospitality Training Academy program facilitates progress into the next.

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