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November 14, 2022

LA Hospitality Training Academy - The Impact of Training In Hospitality Management

This blog examines the consequences of not training new hires and not retaining existing workers. The negative effects of a lack of interest and investment in training, as well as how it affects the overall operation of an organization.

Numerous factors, including management's buy-in and attitude, the trainer's openness to new ideas, the classroom setting, and job-specific considerations, all play a role in whether or not a training program is successful. 

The costs of replacing departing workers and hiring new ones are added to the overall price tag of running a business when staff isn't given the tools they need to do their jobs well.

To keep employees engaged and the business thriving, the trainer must pinpoint problem areas and collaborate with department heads to find solutions.

The hospitality industry needs more skilled labor. Stakeholders need to cooperate and find solutions to combat these concerns. We provide an overview of these key aspects of the business based on continuing research and input from hospitality professionals such as LA Hospitality Training AcademyMoreover, our hospitality training programs are also prepared to achieve successful completion.

Most positions in the hotel industry, say those who work in the field, pay poorly and call for little more than a high school diploma. High personnel turnover and inadequate training make the company unattractive.

Hospitality Industry Snapshot

When times were easier, and jobs were less varied, people could get by with only verbal instructions. This has caused significant changes in the character of the workplace. Cultures in all fields have changed due to the advent of multinational corporations.

The importance of training is often overlooked. Businesses know that their employees are their most valuable resource. It has yet to be applied to its full potential. Everyone acknowledges the significance of training, but much work remains. However, some businesses still view training as a waste of money and so cease investing in it before they get any return on their initial investment.

In times of cost-cutting, when training is cut as an "add-on," employees are left feeling lost and unaware of the company's mission and values. Employees may become disengaged from the organization if they work in familiar environments and become too knowledgeable about their work. Even though many businesses use the same methods and hold regular training sessions, only some employees benefit from or notice the sessions.

New employees begin with the offer letter and continue until the employee leaves the company. Training is the primary differentiator between successful and unsuccessful businesses. Some companies disregard this idea. Numerous companies needed to see the gravity of the damage they were causing. Here's how an LA hospitality training academy course can benefit your team:


Turnover and Retention

Staff in restaurants and hotels with inefficient management often leave in light of the resources invested by Human Resources in advertising for, interviewing candidates, selecting the most qualified candidates, and subsequently inducting and orienting new hires. It will be worth it if you have to let one employee go. Working in the hospitality industry is an interesting and rewarding field. That there is never any downtime here is undeniable. Some workers can't handle the stress of customer service and won't do their jobs.

There is a direct correlation between employees' level of contentment in their jobs and their likelihood of staying in their current positions in the hotel business, which experiences high rates of employee turnover. 

Staff members who have received adequate training are better equipped to provide high-quality service that attracts customers and keeps loyal employees.

The goal of the training division and the human resources division is to increase employee productivity, satisfaction, and loyalty to the company. Training is often viewed as an unnecessary expense despite its proven benefits for the company's culture and bottom line.

Employee Development and Potential Growth

There need to be more skilled laborers in the hotel sector. Stakeholders in the industry need to be ready to band together to find solutions to these concerns.

Research with hospitality experts, primarily through discussions and site visits, paints a picture of this key facet of the sector.

When seen through the lens of a trained professional, it becomes clear that many jobs in the hospitality industry offer little income, unpredictable schedules, and little in the way of educational requirements. In the eyes of shareholders, business owners, and chief executive officers, training is unnecessary and risky when there is a high employee turnover rate.

Benefits of LA Hospitality Training Academy

Effective training affects the personnel, the organization, the management, and even the establishment's guests. It Provides:

  • Improved efficiency 
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction
  • Develop team spirit and leadership skills
  • Reduced learning
  • Higher level of motivation
  • Attract highly motivated and potential employees.


Employees need to receive training to help them understand the laws and rules. The training department makes it simpler for a new employee to adopt the traditions used in any organization. 

LA hospitality training academy can help you put your team at the forefront. It functions as a bridge between operations and the human resources division. After being hired by the department, it is vital to provide new hires with orientation, induction, and familiarization with the organization's goal and vision.

The mission of the Los Angeles Hospitality Education Center is to deliver fast-paced, short-term, skills-based education that prepares graduates for entry-level positions in the culinary arts schools in Los Angeles industries. From recent high school grads to adult learners and other non-traditional students, we welcome competent applicants at all stages of their careers.

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