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December 14, 2023

How Long is a Culinary Arts Program?

Are you interested in attending a culinary arts program but unsure if you have the time to get the education you need to succeed? If you have the time to devote to our Culinary Arts program, we have experienced industry craftsmen and subject matter experts to prepare you for your dream career.



How Long is a Culinary Arts Program?


Did you know you can complete a Culinary Arts program in as little as six months? How can we do that? We don't teach general education classes because we focus only on culinary skills. You won't take courses on 13th Century Literature, just cooking, knife skills, mother sauces, and food preparation. So, What do you learn during a Culinary Arts program?


The Culinary Arts Program Curriculum


During the Culinary Arts program at Los Angeles Hospitality Education Center, you take many essential cooking classes that prepare you to become a cook or chef. These classes include:


Introduction to Cooking I & II – a fundamental look into knife skills, stocks and sauces, food preparation, cooking methods, baking and pastry, and cooking techniques.


Sanitation and Safety – instruction to build the protocol in the kitchen that allows you to adhere to food safety and sanitation standards.


Production Identification – a review of purchasing and production identification.


Culinary Nutrition – a deep dive into healthy eating and dietary restrictions.


Recipes and Menus – a review of various cuisines and culinary traditions to better plan menus, select ingredients, create flavor profiles, and design appealing presentations.


Environmental Sustainability Practice – a focus on food sourcing, reduction of energy and water consumption, minimizing waste, and supporting ethical labor practices.


What Culinary Arts Certifications are Available?


You can prepare for a ServSafe Manager certification during your coursework at Los Angeles Hospitality Education Center. The exam focuses on basic food safety, cleaning, sanitation, purchasing, receiving and storage of food, forms of contamination, and food safety management. Proper food handling is necessary to keep food safe for restaurant patrons. This certification also ensures you adhere to regulatory compliance, food safety procedures, and adequate training for the food service staff.


Why Should I Attend a Culinary Arts Program?


There are many benefits to attending a formal education in culinary arts. These benefits include:


A Quick Start


If you have six months to complete a culinary arts program, you will learn what you need to succeed as a cook or chef in a Los Angeles restaurant. You can complete classes quickly with a certification in culinary arts, ready to start working your dream job.


A Competitive Advantage


Some chefs work their way up from the bottom of the restaurant hierarchy to become a chef in a Los Angeles restaurant. Instead of starting at the bottom, you can complete a Culinary Arts program at the Los Angeles Hospitality Education Center and climb the ladder to begin working as an entry-level cook. Stand out in the crowded hospitality industry with a Culinary Arts certification and show your future employer you have the skills to succeed in the kitchen.


Hands-On Training


You work in a simulated commercial kitchen at the Los Angeles Hospitality Education Center. In addition to classroom theory, you get plenty of hands-on experience making, plating, and serving food. During cooking classes, you get a feel for how a kitchen works and gain the confidence to start working in a kitchen after graduation.


Industry Experienced Instructors


We hire industry-experienced instructors who have logged hundreds of hours in real kitchens, training and mentoring their teams to create top-notch dishes. They have been in your shoes and know what you need to succeed in the hospitality industry. Plus, class sizes are small, so you will get one-on-one attention from instructors to prepare for your new career in the kitchen.


Career Services


The best benefit of attending Los Angeles Hospitality Education Center is our career services. We have close ties with community restaurants; they know that our graduates are prepared and ready to start working in their kitchens on day one. We prepare you for the hospitality industry with resume writing skills and proper interview etiquette. Let us match you with an employer you are passionate about.


Final Thoughts


Now that you are ready to start the career of your dreams, it is time to learn more about Los Angeles Hospitality Education Center. We offer fast-paced, short-term, skills-based education in culinary arts. Our mission is to equip you with work-ready skills for entry-level employment in the culinary and hospitality industries. So, let's get started on the path to your dream job.


Want to Learn More?


The Culinary Arts program aims to provide market-driven, competency-based education delivered by faculty with appropriate credentials and industry experience. This program prepares graduates for entry-level culinary employment with opportunities for advancement in the food service industry.


Contact us now to learn more.

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